The dramatized representation “Mangilik El” devoted to the 550 anniversary of the Kazakh khanate took place in the “Barys” ice complex


The gala dramatized representation “Mangilik El” devoted to the 550 anniversary of the Kazakh khanate took place in the “Barys” multifunctional ice complex in Astana on September 11, 2015.

The dramatized representation consisting of seven chapters presented three-thousand-year history and modern look of the Kazakh people. The historical stages of our nation formation are presented in each chapter. Music content covers various genres of national art: beginning with songs, kyuis, songs legends and continuing the tremendous expressive choreography and choral performances.

About 3000 performers took part in the concert. Our home dancing ensembles “Naz”, “Saltanat”, “Tugan jer”, “Rukhsara”, “Zhorga”, “Shalkyma”, “Altynay”, “Ak Zhayik”, “Accu” “Kok turikter” and dance groups from Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan performed there.

About 4000 audience have seen this unusual and fascinating representation with use of modern technologies and special effects. Ilham Aliyev – the president of the Azerbaijan Republic, Almazbek Atambayev – the president of Kyrgyz Republic, Ismet Yylmaz – the speaker of the Grand National Assembly in Turkey, Sapardurda Toylyev – the Deputy Prime Minister of the government of Turkmenistan, representatives of the international community, Ministers of Culture, information, science and education, famous scientists, the state and public personalities from foreign countries, the representatives of the creative and scientific intellectuals and sports have been among these audience.

These anniversary celebrations were enlightened by national and foreign mass media.









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