Tauekel han

Tauekel han


Tauekel han ruled from 1582 to 1598.

Tauekel han – Kazakh Khan, the head of the Kazakh Khanate in 1582 – 1598 years, the son of Shiga Khan.
Tauekel name is often mentioned in written sources describing the reign of his father – Shiga Khan. So, in July 1581 Shiga Khan and his sons Tauekel-Sultan) and others arrived at the camp Abdullah II and met with him. Abdallah II had an exceptional honor Shiga, gave as iqta land Khujand and made a feast. Go Shigaya and his supporters on the side Sheibanids Abdullah II became a significant political event of the Kazakh Khanate of the second half of the sixteenth century, as the Kazakh khans were long and bitter enemies Sheibanids in the struggle for power in the Dasht-i-Kipchak.

Hafiz Tanysh in “Sharaf-name-yi shahs” writes that when Khan Abdullah II arrived in Jizzakh, the Kazakh warriors with his victorious troops are joined Sheehan Khan, who enjoyed his special location. Abdullah Khan appointed in the vanguard troops of one of sultans Shiga Kazakh Khan and his son Tauekel-Sultan, “which is bravery, courage, and courage is the only one in the [entire] world (literally – into the horizon) and is renowned in the Dasht-i Kipchak”.

At the beginning of 1582, Abdullah II has taken another Ulug-Tagsky campaign against Baba Sultan and his supporters succeed. In this campaign, and was attended by Shiga-Khan with his son Tauekel for Shiga Khan this campaign was the last. After his death, power passed to Khan Tauekel. From the prosecution and Shigaya Tauekel Baba Sultan fled to the leg, where he prepared a conspiracy to kill the Nogai Murza and seize their land, which was open, and he went in the direction of Turkestan with a view to renew the struggle for possession of Tashkent. It was accidentally discovered Tauekel – his soldiers caught two Kalmyks secretly sent Baba Sultan of Turkestan, they talked about the return of Baba Sultan. Tauekel quickly assembled troops and killed in the incident battle Baba and brought his head Abdallah II, capturing Latif-Sultan (Sultan’s son, Baba) and some emirs. As a reward for this in addition to the rich gifts he received an inheritance Afrikentsky Governorate.

During the reign of Tauekel Khan and his alliance with Chagataidov Moghulistan he had great influence on the course of political affairs in Mogulistane. So, Shah Mahmood choras mentions his involvement in the affairs of the Mogul, in particular in Calis and Turfan, where “position Tauekel Khan was decisive in deciding who should be on the throne of ownership.”

Despite the fact that the allegiance of Abdullah II persisted in early 1583 Tauekel while returning from a hike in the Andijan and Ferghana suspected him of ill will and left. The sources did not explain the reasons for this care, but there are a number of versions. Since Abdullah II became Khan in a “legal”, but because of diplomacy and wars, he not only eliminated his rivals, but destroyed them. A significant part of the applicants, he destroyed Tauekel hands. Therefore, the position Tauekel was also unsafe because it was Juchids and could also claim to power in Central Asia. In addition, it is possible that Tauekel not get what he was promised. It is known that King Abdullah II promised four Kazakhs in Turkestan city, but has not fulfilled the promises after the elimination of rivals.
Tauekel started a war for towns near Syr Darya, in 1586, he attempted to seize Tashkent. Upon learning that the troops Abdullah II focused on the south, Tauekel attacked northern areas Maurya, his attack Framed endanger centers such as the city of Turkestan, Tashkent, and even Samarkand. He was able to defeat the militia in Tashkent, but when he spoke against Samarkand brother Abdallah II – Ubaydallah, Tauekel did not take the battle and retreated. The first attempt to seize Tauekel Tashkent ended in failure.

In 1594 Tauekel sent Kul-Muhammed sent to the king Fёdaru to take it as submitted by the Moscow state, the embassy was sent for the purpose of rescue from Russian captivity nephew Tauekel – Uraza Mohammed, who was captured in 1580 during the war with Kuchum. Kazakh Ambassador to convey to the Russian Tsar some interesting information about the state of the Kazakh Khanate running Tauekel Khan: “And the king of Bukhara now the world on time and with Nogais with STI brother in the world, and with the children but with Tinehmatovymi Urusovo – not because of any syak. ” In the case of this embassy Tauekel Khan also called the “king of Cossack and Kalmyk,” from which we can conclude that he was subject to certain genera Jungar. In 1595 Kul-Muhammed in Moscow at a meeting with Uraza Mohammed told him: “Your uncle Prince Tevkel king inflict on Cossack horde, and his brother Shah Magmet prince planted on Kalmakov and wander all poblisku and all connections”

Thus, while the Kazakh Khan Tauekel managed to put his brother on a small part of the Kalmyks, while wandering in the vicinity of the Kazakhs and lived in areas of Central and Northern Kazakhstan

In March 1595, Ambassador was handed response royal charter, in which the king said that he accepts the Kazakh Khanate “under his arm tsarskuyu” and promised to send “the king and princes fire fight”, also expressed a desire to Tauekel, “being under our hand tsarskoyu and we tsarskomu command, would fight the king of Bukhara and the traitor-king Kuchum our Siberian withdrawn, to our doorstep send tsarskogo Majesty “, ie that Tauekel Khan himself was humble Abdullah II and Kuchum. Nephew Tauekel King agreed to release only if it is “in the hostages in return sends his own son Usain Tsarevich.” In response to the embassy of the Kul-Muhammed from Moscow was sent to Tauekel translator Velyaminov Stepanov.

In 1598 Tauekel embarked on a new foray into the state Sheibanids sufficiently detailed in labor Iskandar Munshi “Tarikh-i Abbasi Alamar-yi.” The reason for the speech was the quarrel Abdullah II and his son Abdalmumin Khan. Abdullah II did not find it Tauekel Khan worthy opponent and sent against him troops of the sultans, emirs border areas and some of its troops. The battle in which the army of Abdallah II was inflicted a severe defeat occurred in the area between Tashkent and Samarkand. Abdallah II has mobilized a new army and he spoke in his chapter; having prepared for the speech he sent to the emir of Herat Kulbaba-kukeltashem. Having learned that the army of Abdallah II approaching, Tauekel Khan decided to leave the steppe and wait there for a while.

However, once he appeared Kulbaba and Abdullah II made in the direction of Samarkand, to end the army Tauekel, Abdallah II health deteriorated and he soon died. The power passed to his son Abd al-Mumin, but he was soon killed by the rebels, stopped with him, according to many researchers, Dynasty Sheibanids. Upon learning of the death of Abd al-Mumin, Tauekel Khan in August 1598 launched a proactive, large military forces he concentrated in the Alatau mountains. According to the data presented Iskandar Munshi, troop Tauekel brothers and Yesim Sultan was a hundred thousand people. According to the Labour Muhammad Avaz “Ziya al-Kulub” the number of their troops was also a hundred thousand, while adding that while there were 120 Tauekel his sons sultans.

Tauekel Khan mastered vilayets Turkestan and Maurya, especially Ahsi, Andijan, Tashkent and Samarkand until Miyankala, left his brother, Sultan Yesim with twenty thousand soldiers in Samarkand, and himself with an army of 70-80 thousand people went to Bukhara. In Bukhara at the time it was no more than 10-15 thousand soldiers, and its ruler Pirmuhammed Khan and emirs of the city chose not to go out of town and did not occur in the open field, and strengthened towers and walls and prepared for a siege. The battle lasted eleven days, the twelfth Bukhara troops pulled out of the city and caused damage to the Kazakhs. Yesim Sultan, enraged by this fact, he sent a messenger to Tauekel. The letter stated that a great shame that the great army is defeated by the Bukhara and if Khan will return to the flight to Samarkand, you may meet resistance. Therefore, he suggested that the best way to return to Bukhara, and the Yesim Sultan joined him with his troops who are with him.

After fleeing Tauekel Khan Pirmuhammed Khan II spoke of Bukhara with the aim to pursue him and discourage Tauekel conquered land. The battle took place in Uzun Sakalov (Miyankal). At this time, Pir Muhammad joined the Bucky-Sultan. For about a month it lasted various battles, and much of the fighting men Tauekel defeated. Tauekel Khan exhausted forces in battle and took a big night attack on the army Pirmuhammed Khan II. During the attack were killed Said-Muhammad Sultan (relative Pir Muhammad Khan) and Muhammad Baqi atalyk-Divanbegi. However Tauekel also was wounded, he fell back to Tashkent and soon died.

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