Buydash Khan

Buydash Khan


Buydash Khan – ruled from 1533 to 1537 years.

Khan’s power passed to Buydash Khan after the death of his brother – Tahir Khan.

In 1533, Khan became Moghulistan Abd ar-Rashid, who in alliance with Shaybanidami inflicted a decisive defeat on the Kazakhs. As noted in the ‘Jami al-Tauro “(” Collection of Histories “) Kadyrgali Zhalairi shortly thereafter Buydash Khan was killed in the civil war with Darvish Khan, son of Barak-Khan (Newroz Ahmad Khan), with Buydashem killed all his relatives Sultana (24 people).

According to Muhammad Haidar “after nine hundred and fortieth year of his also became Kazakhs have completely disappeared,” which means that after 940 AH (1533/1534 year) Buydash Khan descended from historical arena. However, speaking about the “perfect disappearance” of Muhammad Haydar Kazakhs Dulati probably has in mind only the ownership and Buydasha Tahir, as according to other sources (for example, “Jami al-Tauro”) at the same time (1535 – 1538 years) in the country there were other plumes, bearing the title of Khan – Tugum Khan, Ahmad Khan, Hak-Nazar Khan, Newroz Ahmad Khan.

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